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Professional Home Care has Become a Global Concern

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DeepBlue Homecare Inc.

We are a consumer-oriented homecare AI company, headquartered in New York City (US) and Melbourne (Australia). Our global team brings together the top talents, technical experts, and passionate innovators in smart homecare and AI field.

Positioning:World-Class and Professional Homecare Service AI Company


What We Offer to Our Customers

We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art AI homecare products and total solutions to meet the challenge of the impending silver economy, and also providing this ageing world with better care.

Homecare Robots

Homecare Accompanying Robots

Companionship for the Senior

Greeting and calling, falling warning, entertaining and singing, escorting and moving, demonstration study.

Smart Reminders

Hospital visit reminders, work out reminders, homework reminders, medication reminder, in-coming calls reminder, pick-up reminder.


Study Accompany for Children

reading accompany, sitting position detection, attentiveness detection, pointing-and-reading, third party program API.

Security Monitoring

Stranger intrusion warning, gas-leakage warning, scheduled patrols.

Smart Home

Compatible with main stream smart home systems

Remote Control

Rotary camera, forward and backward moving, voice call, patrolling and photo taking

Smart Accompany

AI algorithm keeps learning and evolving with family members

Pet Accompany

Emotion interaction, one-touch pet teasing, Hi-Fi calls, Voice call, tag-along photos

Global Service Network

DeepBlue Homecare Inc., headquartered in New York and Australia,has offices and operations

in many countries around the world.

Our Partners

We actively cooperate with global institutions and researchers

in the field of intelligent health and artificial intelligence to provide professional intelligent pension solutions and products.

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